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Before a spray tan

Iit is vitally important to do some prep work before your spray tan.. The first thing to remember is to exfoliate. This means purchasing a good body scrub or preferably an exfoliating mitt. Pay particular attention to your elbows, knees, your heels , the ankles and top of your feet- make sure you scrub these areas extra well! This removes the top layer of dead skin cells and will make sure your tans lasts. Avoid bar soaps and other high PH products that will interfere with the tanning development. Instead we recommend you exfoliate your skin with a natural exfoliating and cleansing product or specialized tanning products available from our online SHOP. Any shaving should also be done at least a day before a spray tan and waxing two day prior, this will give your skin enough time to heel. If shaving on the same day as your tan rinse yourself with cold water to close pores & hair follicles.

On the actual day or your tan Your skin must be free of moisturiser, oils, deodorants, make-up or perfumes before being sprayed. These products act as a barrier, and can interfere with the application & look of your spray tan. We recommend showering prior to your appointment and preparing yourself loose clothing to change into after your tan. If you choose to stay in your tan overnight it is advised to use an old dark coloured set of sheets. All spray tan solutions are water soluble, should you happen to get tan on any fabrics, it will usually wash out.

During a Spray Tan

On arrival our tanning specialist will set up the equipment and conduct a colour consultation to determine your desired colour and drying times. Our staff will then step out or away to allow you to remove your clothing, prep and step into our booth. Most people wear G strings when getting a spray tan others may also wear a bra or full underwear whilst others wear nothing. Our professionals have seen it all and are only concerned about giving you the best tan possible, You are more than welcome to wear or not wear whatever you feel comfortable with. Disposable garments, sticky feet and a hairnet will be provided to you each visit but feel free to wear your own underwear if you prefer.

The tanning booth can be set up in any room or area of the home you like. We have tanned customers in living rooms, bathrooms, garages, even large events! Please note we are unable to tan people outside due to varying weather conditions. The tanning solution is contained within the booth and we will leave any indoor area spotless, there is no mess and no cleaning required. Wherever it is you choose to be spray tanned please be mindful of the following things: a comfortable room temperature especially in summer is essential- you must keep cool during & after your spray tan. Provide a space with plenty of lighting. The more light our professionals have the better the tan. An accessible power point is also needed to run the spray tan machine, our technicians carry extensions cords of approx 5 metres. After the tan is dried with our tanning machine you can then dress in some loose dark clothing and relax whilst we pack up the equipment.

After a Spray Tan

Your tanning specialist will have given you specific instructions on how long to leave the tan on for, please ensure this is followed. Depending on the type of tanning solution used; washing the tan off too early may result in no tan at all and leaving it on for two long may cause a darker colour than expected. You get to choose the drying time and shade of your tan and we match the correct solution to your requirements. If you select a express or rapid tan please be aware that although you can shower after just a few hours these tans are not instant and will take some further time to develop.

Wear dark, loose clothing after your tanning session. No tight clothing or closed-in shoes. Tight clothing (bras, tights, socks, straps, ect) may rub on your skin, preventing the tan from developing evenly.

When having your first shower after the spray tan, please note that the bronzer is designed to wash off, and you will see brown coloured water at the bottom of your shower. Shower with only water for the first time following the spray tan, do not exfoliate shave or use soap and when drying, pat dry, do not rub. The days following your spray tan be sure to avoid activities that naturally exfoliate your skin. This includes long baths, spas, shaving too often, waxing, rubbing with a towel (pat dry only) and repeat exposure to chlorinated pools, as they will fade & bleach your tan very quickly.

The most important factor of after tan care is moisture. Applying moisturiser day and night will result in the longevity of your tan. Most people think applying a light, almost white cream to their skin after a spray tan wont help the tan along at all but it does! Moisturise twice daily to promote a longer lasting tan that slowly fades evenly.

Our spray tans will last 5 to 10 days (or longer) with the correct preparation and maintenance.

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